Your Community and Homeowners Association are overseen by a Board of Directors made up of five dedicated, owner-elected, volunteer residents.
The current board is a diverse group of three women and two men, single, married, parents, grandparents and not.  The experience of owning a home and living in The Woodlands combined with professional career expertise in numerous fields, provides valuable input for maintenance of a quality living environment and community property values.
Your current Board members are:
Karen Brown, President
An original resident, Karen has lived in The Woodlands with her husband Sam since 1990. She was employed in the title insurance field as an escrow officer for 30-plus years and is now retired, although she still works part-time in the same field--behind the scenes. In her many walks, with dogs and without, she has seen The Woodlands change in many ways and ran for the spot on the board she now occupies to make sure that future changes are for the betterment of the community.
Bob Mini, Treasurer
Also an original resident, Bob lives with his wife, Dawn, daughter Sloane, and grandsons Morgan and Cameron.  Bob has occupied his spot on the Board for many years.  He is the Owner of surgical equipment vendor RAM Surgical, LLC and may be be seen frequently in the community on exercise runs in fine weather.  He, too, has seen The Woodlands evolve over the years and works diligently to assure that our evolution moves in a positive direction.
Kellis Waters
Kellis and his wife, Sigal, have resided in the community for 7 years.  Proud papa of a new baby girl, Skye, Kellis is employed in the large equipment sales and rental industry and is also extremely knowledgeable in all areas of home improvement and construction.  This knowledge is a valuable asset to the community, enabling the HOA Board Members to speak to our hardscape contractors in their own language.
Karen Ciulla
Karen has lived in The Woodlands for 14 years and is employed in Supply Management with Vanguard in Malvern.  She lives with 2 pets and can be seen walking about the community with her dog, Bella; her other pet, Roxy, is a stay-at-home cat.  Formerly a HOA Board Member in a different community, Karen offers a new perspective and ideas for keeping The Woodlands fresh and up to date.
Marie Duffy