• chevron_rightMay I display Seasonal and Holiday Decor
    Yes.  Holiday and Christmas decor and lights are permitted from after Thanksgiving to the end of the second week of January.  'Seasonal' decor is permitted year-round; wreaths and door decorations must be hung so that they do not obscure the unit number.
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  • chevron_rightCan I paint or stain my wooden deck? What may I use to rebuild my deck if not wood?
    On wood decks, you may use a semi-transparent stain or solid-color paint in the approved product: Behr - Cordovan Brown ST-104 or SC-104H
    Homeowners have the option to use the following products for the deck floor only.  Railings are to remain a wood product, as they are currently, and are to be stained or painted the approved colors, as mentioned above..
    Approved products are as follows:
    TimberTech - Mocha (est. $13/sq ft) or Dark Cocoa (est. $7/sq ft)
    Trex Transcend - Spiced Rum (est. $13/sq ft
  • chevron_rightDo I need Board approval to replace my deck?
    Yes.  It is an absolute requirement that architectural plans, specifications and material types be submitted to the property management company for Board approval before any materials can be delivered or work performed.  Check with the township for building permit requirements.
  • chevron_rightIs there a preferred contractor for decks?
    No.  But the replacement deck must match the previous deck as closely as possible--no decorative features are permitted and color must match adjacent decks as closely as possible.
    Tech product is permitted--color must be approved by the Board
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Home-Unit Maintenance
  • chevron_rightMay I use my deck or under-deck pad for storage purposes?
    The use of decks or under-deck pads for storage of anything other than trash-cans and recyclable containers, deck furniture or seasonal items and toys is absolutely prohibited.  Old furniture, boxes, construction materials, carpet remnants or other items that would be considered 'trash' must be stored inside the unit until they can be disposed of in a proper manner.  Seasonal toys should be brought inside the unit when not it use.
    Likewise, dead plants and flowers should be removed from containers at the end of their blooming periods and the decks kept clear of dead leaves and debris over the autumn and winter.  Empty planting containers of the standing pot variety may remain on decks but hanging planters and planting boxes must be stored inside until Spring.
  • chevron_rightWhat part of my home-unit's exterior am I responsible for maintaining?
    Residents are responsible for maintenance, repair and replacement of all the parts of their home-units' exteriors: roofs, walls, stucco and stone, decks, doors and windows, gutters and rain-spouts, etc.
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  • chevron_rightWhere can visitors park?
    Visitors can park in residents' assigned spaces, designated "Visitor" parking spaces or on the east side of Conifer Drive facing downhill.
    There are designated "Visitor" parking spaces in a few areas around the community.
    Parking in fire lanes or around traffic circles in the courts is absolutely prohibited at all times.
Snow Removal
  • chevron_rightWhen does snow get removed?
    Snow must accumulate 2 inches or more before snow removal will begin.  Depending on the expected accumulation, snow removal operations will usually begin after the storm has subsided.  There is a 24 hour window, in most townships, for snow removal on sidewalks.
Trash Pick-up
  • chevron_rightWhat type of container is allowed for trash disposal?
    Trash must be placed out for pick up in trash-cans with lids that are marked with the corresponding unit address.  Black trash bags and white kitchen bags are prohibited because crows and squirrels can and do rip them open.  Placing trash out in paper bags of any kind is also prohibited.
    If, for some reason, an animal gets into your trash container and scatters the contents, you absolutely must pick up the litter and dispose of it in a prompt and proper manner.
  • chevron_rightWhen do recyclables get picked up?
    Recyclables (glass, plastics, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, newpapers, etc.) are picked up early on Tuesdays mornings.  Loose items must be put out in the proper containers; cardboard boxes must be flattened and bundled with tape or twine.
    Please do not over-fill containers with loose items; if the contents are dropped or blown about, the collectors will not necessarily pick them up--it will be up to you to pick up and properly dispose of items that are missed or dropped by the hauling company.
  • chevron_rightWhen does bulk trash get picked up?
    Bulk trash pick-up occurs on Fridays. Pick up of one (1) item is free of charge (call Waste Management 800-642-8850; Acct #3-17710-52008).  Major appliances are also considered free bulk except for those containing freon, which is considered a hazardous material: i.e. refrigerators and air conditioners.  If the item to be picked up has glass in its structure (such as in the doors of conventional or micro-wave ovens), please apply masking or duct-tape in an X across the glass to prevent breakage.
    NOTE: According to the Covered Device Recycling Act of January 24, 2013, all electronics, especially old style TVs, are now considered hazardous material and MAY NOT be placed at curbside for regular or bulk trash pick-up.  You must arrange to dispose of them as HAZMAT in the proper manner at an approved location.  Consult this website for information on where you may recycle your old electronics:
  • chevron_rightWhen may I put out trash for pick up?
    Trash, in the proper containers, is to be put out the night before the designated pick-up days of Tuesdays and Fridays.  It is against regulations to put trash out in the mornings before pick-up days and allow it to sit all day long.  
    Once trash has been picked up, trash cans must be promptly brought in from curbside and properly stored on or underneath your deck.
    Likewise with recycling containers; once emptied, they must be promptly brought in from curbside and properly stored on or underneath your deck.
    If you are going away on vacation you may not put trash-cans out and leave them for the duration of your absence.  Please put your trash into black trash bags for disposal and ask a neighbor to put them out for you on the proper evening before the designated pick-up day.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I place trash for pick up?
    Trash, in the proper containers, must be place at curbside inside the courts, for pick up by the hauling company.  It is against our regulations to place trash of any kind for pick up on Conifer Drive or anywhere else in the community other than inside the courts.
  • chevron_rightWhere may I store trash and recyclable containers when not is use?
    Trash cans and recyclable containers must be stored on your deck or, for units with walk-out basements, on the concrete pad underneath the deck.  They are not to be stored in public view near your front door nor on the ground outside your deck.
  • chevron_rightDo I need Board approval to replace my windows?
    Yes.  Plans must be submitted to the property management company for Board approval; a color chip must also be submitted to a Board member for approval.  It is essential that window style and color match those extant in the community.