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~ Neighborhood News ~
Railing Maintenance
Posted on Jun 29th, 2014
The Board has contracted with DOMCO Decorating Company to perform maintenance on the railings in the community and paint them.  Not everyone has railings.  For those that do, the following will occur: cleaning of rust and loose paint with a wire brush, sanding and priming followed by a coat of glossy black paint such as Rusto-lastic.
We do not have a definite start date but we expect that work will begin sometime after the July 4th Hoilday and continue for some weeks until completed.
Obviously workers will have to move objects on your steps to get to the railings.  Please be on the lookout for them and for 'wet-paint' signs. 
Summer is here! The Woodlands will be thirsty!
Posted on Jun 29th, 2014
Summer has just arrived and already we are seeing less rain and higher temperatures.  We had cool nights and a lot of rain in May and June.  These conditions gave our plantings and grass a good start but, as we head into the hot and humid dog-days of July and August, plants, bushes and shrubs, even our small trees, will be under stress and need help.
We strongly encourage everyone in the community to water plantings and grass if a summer drought sets in--this especially applies to new plantings, which are highly vulnerable to heat and drought in the critical first year.  
Remember, your monthly fees and assessment funds pay for our grass, bushes, shrubs and trees so it is in your interest, too, that you give them a good long drink when rain is scarce.  Believe it that most of your water bills will barely register the use.
Watering is best done in the morning--Sunday mornings are probably the best time.  Grass and trees should be watered for at least 30 to 60 minutes; shrubs and bushes for 15 to 20 minutes.
We have had many compliments from visitors lately about the unique beauty of our community.  Let's keep it green and beautiful!!!
Approved Paint Colors
Posted on Mar 27th, 2014
We have just learned that the Exton MAB store, where the folder containing our paint formulae was filed, moved to Downingtown and is now a Sherwin Williams store.  We checked and they still have our paint color formulae on file under "The Woodlands".  The paint formulae in the website are still good.
The Sherwin Williams store mentioned here is located next to Planet Fitness.
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