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Our community website was developed by The Woodlands to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Pet Management Issue
Posted on Dec 25th, 2014
Board Members have noted and a number of residents have complained about an increase in dog-droppings left lying in place by irresponsible dog-owners.  All dog-owners, especially the new ones, are reminded that our regulations require you to pick your dogs' droppings all the time, every time your dogs do their business, not when you feel like it or get around to it.
There is absolutely no excuse for such irresponsible behavior, especially when dog-poo disposal bags are provided courtesy of the Homeowners Association!
Be a responsible neighbor and a good citizen!  Do your duty and pick up the poo!
Approved Paint Colors
Posted on Mar 27th, 2014
If you are planning on doing some home-maintanence in the Spring and need our approved paint-colors, you may purchase them at the Sherwin Williams store in Downingtown.  It's next to the Planet Fitness. We checked and they have our paint color formulae on file under "The Woodlands".  Also, the paint formulae in the website are still good.
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Help animals in need!
Saturday, January 17th to Saturday, February 28th at 1407 Aspen Court
Sigal Waters, our neighbor in Aspen Court, is collecting old and used clean/washed towels, sheets and blankets for donation to the Chester County SPCA.  During the winter, our animal friends at the SPCA need additional linens for cleanliness and extra warmth as they wait for adoption by kindly neighbors who have good fortune or extra love to share.
If you are taking advantage of the usual January White Sales--or even if you aren't--and have old linens lying around taking up space, please consider donating them.  They will be put to good use.
Just launder them up, pack them in trash bags and drop them off to Sigal's home by February 28th.  She will transport them to the SPCA.  
If you wish to contact Sigal, her e-mail address is


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